Army-Navy Game Going to Feature a Very Special Coin Toss

2013 Army-Navy Football Game

The 2013 Army-Navy football game will be played tomorrow at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Many are looking forward to see if the Army Black Knights can finally win against the Navy Midshipmen or if they’ll suffer their 12th loss in a row.

There’s more to this game, however, than just to see who wins. This game is being played 50 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. That 1963 Army-Navy game was played a week late because of the tragedy. To commemorate the late president, Saturday’s game will feature a special Lady Liberty silver dollar.

This silver dollar was supposed to be used for the coin toss in the 1963 game, and President Kennedy was scheduled to perform the coin toss. Instead, Tom Lynch, a member of the 1963 Navy team, took possession of the coin and has had it ever since.

Lynch kept the coin all these years, but was moved to donate the coin to the Naval Academy after all of the commemorative activities surrounding the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination.

“I had the coin in my possession for 50 years and that was long enough,”€ Lynch told the Capital Gazette. “That’s a piece of Army-Navy game history and I just felt it would be meaningful to give that coin back to the Naval Academy so it could be seen publicly from now on.”

If you’re planning on watching the game, pay attention to the coin toss. (P.S: You can still get tickets to the game!)

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