A Heartwarming Story Just in Time for the Holidays

A surprising discovery was made recently by KRON 4 TV in San Francisco, and it had little to do with their show “People Behaving Badly”. When the station was filming a segment for the show about illegal dumping in Oakland, Calif., reporter Stanley Roberts spoke with a homeless man, identified as Marcus Malone. The homeless man then began telling the reporter about the time he played in Carlos Santana’s band.

At first, the reporter didn’t believe the story. He, however, did some digging and found out that the story was actually true. In fact, the Santana Blues Band was started in Malone’s mother’s garage. Malone left the band when he went to prison for manslaughter in 1969, and Santana lost contact with him – at least until now.

For years, Santana had been looking to reconnect with his lost band mate. So when he saw the KRON 4 story, Santana contacted Roberts to help him find his lost friend. The legend promised to help Malone get back on his feet, and other original members have also said that they would like to reunite with Malone.

Read the whole story on KRON 4’s website.

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