Cirque du Soleil Is Heading to Broadway

Cirque du Soleil Opening Broadway Division

Cirque, the Montreal-based theatrical company, announced that its famous Cirque du Soleil shows may be opening on Broadway. To support this venture, Cirque is creating a whole new division based in New York City: Cirque du Soleil Theatrical, which will be helmed by Las Vegas veteran Scott Zeiger.

These shows will be designed to incorporate aspects of the original shows, including the Cirque style and acts. The Broadway versions, however, will offer audiences something new. The concept for these shows expands beyond just Broadway: The company is looking to take them to large venues that can host Broadway shows and on to London’s West End.

According to Zeiger, he believes that the Broadway-sized shows offer “huge potential for us”. Cirque du Soleil does, however, have an uphill battle. The company attempted a production in New York back in 2010. “Banana Shpeel” closed after just six weeks when it received awful reviews, and tickets weren’t selling.

Zeiger, though, is known for his successes, including heading large theatrical productions in Las Vegas like “Rock of Ages” and “Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular”.

What do you think of Cirque du Soleil moving to Broadway? Is it a good or bad idea?

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