End of BCS As We Know It

BCS Championship Game, Rose Bowl StadiumThe Florida Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers will face off tonight in what will be the last two-team playoff. The BCS Championship played at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, Calif. From here on out, it will be a four-team playoff, which will be called the College Football Playoff (CFP).

How Will the CFP Be Set Up

Since the new system was announced, people have been trying to figure out how it works. Tony Barnhart of CBS Sports recently interviewed Bill Hancock, executive director of BCS and CFP, who explained the new CFP system.

“The CFP will consist of six bowls plus a stand-alone national championship game whose site will be chosen separately in a bidding process like the locations for the Final Four. Three of the bowls are “contract” bowls because they have existing contracts with conferences: Rose (Big Ten, Pac-12), Sugar (SEC, Big 12) and Orange (ACC).

The non-contract bowls are the Chick-fil-A, Cotton and Fiesta.”

Hancock also explained how the semifinals would work.

“Each season, two of the six CFP bowls will play host to semifinal games. The other four CFP “ames will have their matchups determined either by contract or by the selection committee. (Example: In the years the Sugar Bowl is not hosting a semifinal, it will get an SEC-Big 12 matchup. But the Chick-fil-A, to use another example, will have its matchup determined by the selection committee because it doesn’t have a contract with a conference.)

Here is the bowl rotation for the national semifinals for the first three years of the CFP:

2014: Rose, Sugar
2015: Orange, Cotton
2016: Chick-fil-A, Fiesta”

BCS Issues This Year

This system may be just in time. This year’s BCS game is not selling out. In fact, the tickets are some of the cheapest in history, going for less than $400. (Ticket Round Up still has cheap, last-minute tickets available for tonight’s game!)

So what do you think of the new system? Should they have kept it the same, or is it about time?

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