The “American Idiots” Road to Broadway

American Idiot Broadway Show

The band Green Day probably never thought that their iconic rock opera “American Idiot” would ever be a Broadway show when they originally released it in 2004. The show, however, made its first run in 2009 at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and then finally made it to Broadway in 2004. It closed in 2011 after 422 performances, but the musical still lives on through touring shows – and now through a film tracing the path to Broadway.

“Broadway Idiot” opens this week in select cities around the country. This documentary tells how the album was eventually adapted into the stage production. The film goes into the conversations with the producer and director discussing the show and their misgivings of getting permission from Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong.

Armstrong, however, was on board – really on board. In fact, he wanted to be involved. “I’m open to big, crazy ideas, but … this album is my baby,” says Armstrong. “So I want to make sure nobody (messes) it up.”

The film takes filmgoers through the monumental task of staging a play and its evolution.

While the film is more for those interested in theaters, music fans will also find something in it for them. Check local listings to see when and where the film is playing in your area. Then, catch the Broadway touring cast in a town near you this fall and spring!

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