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The New York, NY native began her singing and entertaining passion as a young girl in the state of New York. In 2008, her first hit “Just Dance” made her unforgettable. Five years ago today Lady Gaga still remains unforgettable and inspiring. On this date, five years ago her hit “Poker Face” reached the Hot 100s as her second hit.

Since 2008, Lady Gaga has received 240 awards and 430 nominations across the nation from all different Music Awards including: BET Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Emmy Awards, American Music Awards, and the Grammy Awards just to name a few.

Lady Gaga was the first artist in digital history to have three singles (“Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, and “Bad Romance”) to pass the four million mark in digital sales.

She has not only made history in digital history but also in the Guinness Book of World Records. Here she was listed for having the Most Followers on Twitter with over 13 million followers in the 2012 edition of the Guinness World Records. Do you follow?

It is safe to say Lady Gaga has become quite successful since her hit that reached the Hot 100 5 years ago today. To continue her passion and entertainment she has announced her next tour, the ARTPOP Ball Tour starting in May of 2014.

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SHOW DATE             CITY                        

4-May-14        Ft. Lauderdale, FL

6-May-14        Atlanta, GA

8-May-14        Pittsburgh, PA

10-May-14      Uncasville, CT

12-May-14      Philadelphia, PA

13-May-14      New York, NY

15-May-14      Washington DC

17-May-14      Detroit, MI

18-May-14      Cleveland, OH

20-May-14      St. Paul, MN

22-May-14      Winnipeg, MB

25-May-14      Calgary, AB

26-May-14      Edmonton, AB

28-May-14      Seattle, WA

30-May-14      Vancouver, BC

2-Jun-14          San Diego, CA

3-Jun-14          San Jose, CA

26-Jun-14        Milwaukee, WI

28-Jun-14        Atlantic City, NJ

30-Jun-14        Boston, MA

2-Jul-14           Montreal, QC

4-Jul-14           Quebec City, QC

5-Jul-14           Ottawa, ON

7-Jul-14           Buffalo, NY

9-Jul-14           Toronto, ON

11-Jul-14         Chicago, IL

14-Jul-14         San Antonio, TX

16-Jul-14         Houston, TX

17-Jul-14         Dallas, TX

19-Jul-14         Las Vegas, NV

21-Jul-14         Los Angeles, CA

22-Jul-14         Los Angeles, CA

30-Jul-14         Phoenix, AZ

01-Aug-14       Las Vegas, NV

02-Aug-14       Stateline, NV

04-Aug-14       Salt Lake City, UT

06-Aug-14       Denver, CO

13-Aug-14       Tokyo, JP

20-Aug-14       Perth, AU

23-Aug-14       Melbourne, AU

26-Aug-14       Brisbane, AU

30-Aug-14       Sydney, AU

19-Sep-14       Athens, GR

23-Sep-14       Antwerp, BE

24-Sep-14       Amsterdam

27-Sep-14       Herning, DK

29-Sep-14       Oslo, NO

30-Sep-14       Stockholm, SW

3-Oct-14          Hamburg, DE

5-Oct-14          Prague, CZ

7-Oct-14          Koln, DE

9-Oct-14          Berlin, DE

15-Oct-14        Birmingham, UK

17-Oct-14        Dublin, IE

19-Oct-14        Glasgow, UK

21-Oct-14        Manchester, UK

23-Oct-14        London, UK

25-Oct-14        London, UK

26-Oct-14        London, UK

30-Oct-14        Paris, FR

31-Oct-14        Paris, FR

2-Nov-14         Vienna, AU

4-Nov-14         Milan, IT

6-Nov-14         Zurich, CH

8-Nov-14         Barcelona, ES

10-Nov-14       Lisbon, PT

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