Ranking the Top NFL Teams Based on Most Points Scored in a Season

2007 New England Patriots - Most Points in Any NFL SeasonThe Denver Broncos have been raking in a number of high scoring games and are on a record-setting pace just four weeks into the season. In fact, the 2013 team led by quarterback Peyton Manning set a franchise record yesterday against the Philadelphia Eagles. While Ticket Round Up was watching the game yesterday, some stats flashed across the screen regarding the most points scored by any NFL team in a season. It listed a few, but there have been many record-setting teams throughout NFL history. It got us wondering who else was on the list so we did some research.

Top 10 NFL Teams Based on Most Points Scored by a Team in a Season

Here are the top 10 NFL scoring teams of all time.


Total Points

2007 New England Patriots


2011 Green Bay Packers


2012 New England Patriots


1998 Minnesota Vikings


2011 New Orleans Saints


1983 Washington Redskins


2000 St. Louis Rams


1999 St. Louis Rams


2004 Indianapolis Colts


2010 New England Patriots



The Patriots remain the dominant team throughout the years. What do you think of this list?

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