Two Great MLB Players Retiring This Year

Mariano Rivera retiring from baseball

At the end of this Major League Baseball (MLB) season, a number of great players will be leaving. In New York, Mariano Rivera, arguably the greatest closer to ever play MLB will retire at the end of this season! The Yankees will honor him with a special ceremony before next Sunday’s game vs. the San Francisco Giants!

Todd Helton of the Colorado Rockies went public last night stating that he will also retire at the end of this season. Helton has spent his entire 17-year major league career with the Rockies and set franchise records in nearly every offensive category. His final game at Coors Field will be September 25 vs. Boston.

Let’s raise our hats to these amazing players who have thrilled us throughout the years. You can still get tickets to both of these games. Click here to get your Yankees tickets, or go here for your Rockies tickets.

Share your memories of these great players in the comments below.

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