Vernon Davis as a Stock Option?

Vernon Davis as a Stock Option?

With the NFL season approaching, history is being made by Vernon Davis. Davis also known as “The Duke” was the 6th overall draft pick by the San Francisco 49ers in 2006. Prior his NFL career he was a student at the University of Maryland majoring in studio art. He also played tight end during his college career for the University of Maryland. Outside of his football career, Davis has founded the Modern Class Design in 2010. This is a full service arts and interior design company. In December of 2012, he also opened up Gallery 85 which is an art gallery for new and emerging artists for high end exposure. Vernon Davis has taken another leap and announced that he will now be partnering up with Fantex Brokerage Services where he will offer 10% share of his future earnings. These stocks will be sold based on his financial future. Davis is the first athlete to do this out of all sports. There will be an offering of 421,000 total stocks at $10.00 each, a total of 4.2 million dollars in Vernon Davis stock. The future of the stock solely depends on the healthy condition and performance of Vernon Davis. Hopefully there is no reoccurring injury like his rookie season when he suffered from a hairline fracture in his left fibula. Injury seems to be the greatest risk for these stocks. Will you buy?

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